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Well hello there folks!  

So, it has been a while hasn't it?  I must say you're looking well.  Recently I've been very into making artist trading cards.  Which if you are as easily distracted and needlessly elaborate as me, they are a great relief.  Being forced to limit the nonsense does help pieces actually get finished, I'll say that much.  I'll be posting up a few (or a lot, depending).  A number will be for sale eventually too.

Also, I have just recently created a Tumblr account dedicated to my art.  I know, *gasp* not just my fan business and sexy photos.  That account is shadowmeldart and I very much recommend that you stop by.  I'm also looking for other artist accounts to follow, so if you've got one I'd be very interested in building up my list of blogs.  

So, that's the update.  

Stay cool dA.
Alrighty, I have clearly been away from dA for a while.  Originally I had strayed to other sites as at times we have not gotten along, but of late I've not done nearly as much art for this sort of posting as I should.  

My intention is to update this account more now, and to get up some more stuff.  I've drawn quite a bit lately due to classes and such, and I intend to share that with you.  

To those of you who know me from my Smackjeeves comics, I swear to you I am not dead.  No Refunds in particular has pages coming, it's all in the finishing of them now.  I apologize profusely for my absence, and I can only beg your forgiveness for the lapse.  

Hopefully, the updates soon to come will help you forget about my delinquency.

I've been thinking about what exactly is attractive, in a male that is.  And in the end I have catagorized said attractiveness into three main catagories>>>>

These are the pretty boys, lithe, gentle, not persay muscular but not really ematiated either.  These boys have large eyes, borderline girlish features.  (Featured in yaoi quite often for theirsex appeal to both guys and women)

Normal Attraction of them: As either a gentle partner or a victim.  Sometimes favored by sadists with a taste for the victimizing of innocence.  You look at these delicious little treats and think, "damn, I wanna rape him."
This is a testosterone step up, really a mix between male and female features that leans toward the male side.  With these beauties the word 'man' comes to mind more than it would with a pretty 'boy' while gazing at them.  One could call this type gorgeous as well.  Tend to have a somewhat muscular body, usually gym built fit muscles.  (A classic example of this is your usual male model.  And yeah, alot of gay/ bisexual men fit in here, it normally requires the right style and respect of appearance that is hard to find in a strait man.)

Normal Attraction of them:  Often well dressed, can be smooth talking.  A casanova type to some, a little more challenging bitch to others.
This is a testosterone ridden, hot-blooded man's man type.  These are very often rather musular, adding to mass and raw male intimidating strength.  Often a hot athlete's catagory.  This is the butch, badass type of hot.  (Sadly this often comes without any sense of style or manners.)  These are your macho males.  Now these models can come gay as well, it's just about 10 times harder to recognize unless you catch them checking out guys.  (NOTE: A bear does not go into this catagory, unless that is they are muscular, and even then, I don't know, I'm just not a bear person.)

Normal Attraction of them:  Raw male power, strength, scaring off old boyfriends...Ahhh.. and because it gives the most distinct satisfaction to break macho man like a corn chip and make him your bitch.

So what's your favorite?  Personally, I'm for Pretty boys, and beautiful men.
Once again, I ShadowMeld, your esteemed artist friend have sacrificed for my public.  You see, I felt that in order to properly critique the compete and total numb-minded suffering that is contained within a romance novel, I ShadowMeld read one in order to report its contents and save, you, my public the pain.

I did a commando roll into the isle to retrieve my book, (if you think I"m kidding you are sadly mistaken, you should have seen the inventory people's faces) grabbed it and ran to the cleark, where I insisted that they keep the book face down all through the process to prevent small talk by middle-aged romance reading women who would start suggesting other shitty books for me to read.  (Know that at this same store I have purchased many books of homoerotica without batting an eyelash, this was far more embarassing.)

Now I read one of these "novels."  Now I read a paranormal one because even I could not, even for the sake of scientific discovery, read a traditional one.  

NOTE: I knew most definately to stay away from the historical romance because I once picked up a book by a bitch called "Chelsea Quinn Yarbaro"  Now you wonder how I could remember such an off beat name?  Because I avoid her like the plauge.  You see she lures people in with enticing names and a good cover.  My mistake was called "Blood Games," now I don't know about you but the only 'blood games' In know of is called actually 'blood play' in which lovers either slice off the tips of each other's fingers and share the miniscule amounts of blood afforded in that method, of B, strait up down and dirty vampirism.  And about two chapters into the book I had had enough.  I ripped out the books pages one by one, showing them to the book before throwing them in the fire, after which I scored the front and cover so that is would easily divide into four pieces, tied each to a horse and them buried them at the four corners of the Earth to ensure that the book did not resurrect itself in order to further pain and haunt me.

And my findings were this:  A romance novel is nothing but softcore strait porn.  And I say not softcore because of the lack of lewd detail and quivering bosoms, no, I say this because a halfass semi-plot is sneaked into the mix.

And so knowing this you may bash romance novels all you wish knowing that which they possess.

****BE WARNED****
ShadowMeld wore surgical gloves, sunglasses and a mask while reading this novel.  You may preform this test at your own risk, but know that this process is in no way endorsed of encouraged by the author and all responsibility for the results of said test fall upon the shoulders of the reader.

Seeing magic-8-ball's picture of what scares her really made me think, what scares me?  And truely I can hardly think of anything.  I mean, it's not vanity, I've just thought what would really freak me the hell out.

And I thought of something:  Being Leland.  That's it.  It would truely be the worst thing I could think of, to be Leland.

To be so yearning, so devoted to someone, to want something so bad that it causes you extreme physical pain.  

I mean I created Victor, but if I saw him inperson, I would run for the hills, not because of fear of the pain, but fear of domination and addiction.  I mean, the prowess I gave him, the skill, to experience that, it would be addictive, to the point where you would do anything to have it, beg, plead, and oh-so-much more...

But then I made them both, I inflicted that pain, I made them real for others.  So truely....I guess the only thing to fear is myself.

Huh....I'm sick.  Fun.


This has been the artist's rantings


Ahhh....another thing, I've beien thinking about writing the story of Daniel's breaking.  So... If you would like to read it, say so.


Oh, and the comic pages, they're on the way.

I've been thinking about writing a story and then submitting it as an addtion to a gay erotic anthology.  It seems to me that being previously published would be good as a groundwork for my writing a book.

Now this has me a bit worried, I'm wondering if my skill is quite ready, or even up there with the erotic authors of late.  Truely the money isn't even a factor, I just really think it would be a thrill to buy an anthology and be able to see my story in it.


Anyway, all's okay so far, been writing.  And so.

As always I"m slways open to requests upon my person.  Stories or drawings.

*NOTE* If a story is requested the characters must be described in detail, especially in regaurds to appearence and personality.
I haven't made a journal entry in like forever, so here one is.

I'm still going on with my Cruel and Unusual works.  And quite frankly, as it goes I'm rather fond of them, it just gives me such pleasure to write of Victor.

Also I promise you now I will crack down and write a hetero story soon.  I promise.  Really.  I'm afraid I might be getting out of practice with the strait work, so I'm gonna try one, and I"ll need your input.

If anyone of my readers thinks I should go through with this please tell me so I dont loose my nerve.

Anyway, I'm perservereing, still working on the stuff, and I love all of you who love me!

And screw the rest of you bastards!
I am going to be this weeknd launching a new series of drawing called "PAIN FETISH Grafitti"  These are twisto pieces with kind of a gafitti quality.  This features several fun characters with two forms, normal-sick, and what-the-hell-is-wrong-with-you-sick.   These coming pictures are actually some of my favorites, and I just hope that you enjoy them as much as I do.

Also, my comic is up and updating itself automatically, though I must admit I know nothing about computers or designing a webpage, now if anyone could help me with that I would greatly appreciate it.

And might I add that my requesting is still going on.

Anyway, I'll be posting more comics and pictures, and maybe more stories, I just don't know about that, since it seems that so few people read them it may not be worth it to contiune the series.  If you do happen to like it though, please comment to let me know that you would like to hear more of the series.

Your in Darkness,
I am bored and I will grant any picture request sent to me.  Those of you who have seen some things from my gallery know where my interests lie.  I draw suto-anime to realistic-ish.   Anyway, if you reply to this or message me I will draw you a picture.  

I draw yaoi, bondage, goth, and the macabre.  So if you want a picture from me message.

Oh and I will soon be coming out with more pictures, some of which are of my favorite dark god, Victor (And no, not that stupid one from the movie Underworld, oh and might I add that I made up mine first and that he is a thousand times sexier than that worn out old bag!!!!)

Anyway, I'm pimping my services, take advantage or I will be hurt.  :tears:  Hurt, lol.  Feelings, lol.

Love and Darkness,
Okay, Christmas has passed and I now have no excuse to not bring to all my lovely fans, a new chapter of 'Slave to the Master', and some good yaoi pictures.  

As to the chapter, I'm working on it, and it will come to all of you soon.  I'm planning on it beeing quite fun.  I will in some ways inform you of the powers of the incubus, and a secret will begin to reveal itself.  

I have some pictures of Kale and Oliver together coming up, if that interests you all.

Anyway that seems to be the plan.  

I am granting requests, as a Christmas presant to all.  Those who would like me to read their story and draw a picture of their character please inform me.  Requests can be hardcore yoai or other.  (Though I would like to add that my speciality runs toward bondage and violence.  Romantic or sweet really isn't my thing, but I can knock the hell out of sensual.)
           --Just reply tot his entry, or send me a note--

*NOTE* I will be highly offended and sad if no one requests. :tears: j/k

Regardless, I will soon be posting some yaoi/smut/lemon whatever you want to call it.  

Love and Darkness,
Okay, I see that some of you liked the boys pics, (I'll add more later).

Just so you know if you saw the pictures, I'm the one in the boots.

Well, good news.  I am pimping these boys out.  Sam is the blonde, and Josh is the brunette (he's holding Sam's chain in Obedience).  I am currently in the process of trying to get these boys a lay.  I mean boyfriend.  If you want them message me.

Oh, and I'll scan more of my other pictures.  (I have a bunch).

Anyway, I'll put a picture of myself on here so as not to seem so one sided to subordinate guys who love my boots.

Oh, and those boots are kept clean enough to eat off of at all times. *wink*

Anyway, Josh liked posing and Sam will do it again if I asked, you all could be getting more pictures soon. *tempt* lol.

As you can see I love this stuff, so if ya like it, hey comment, I mighttake more. (Tell me if any of you guys have some cool stories and pics too.)

Love and domination,
Okay, now that I have everthing settled on this account for the most part I'm happy.  I've found several intereting comics on Keenspace:

=GlamourLust (discontinued yes, but still sweet.)
=BloodSlave (technical difficulties on that site)
= (All Roses have Thons)

I'd like to hail this great comics for their abundance of bishies and lovely yaoi scenes.  

*A moment of silent reverence please*

Oh, and I'd like to give a moment to recognize some great artists and writers.

:Phoenix18: (I recommend the Hurt Me series, a wonderful SadoMasochistic yaoi drama.  De Sade would be proud.  Okay it's not that twisted but I love it.)

:BishonenMistress: Because she rocks.  The stories are great, gotta love that Garreth.  She also has pictures to go with most.  I liked the 'A Match Made In High School' one, mainly because I'm a sucker for reluctant boy/boy lovers.

You two are my special thanks.  But that is definately not the end of the list, no siry bob it is not.  There are plenty of other wonderful writers.

       This week's S and M honorable mention...
And I cannot in good conscience end without mentioning....

**… (Taboo Complete by Imperium-Control) **

... I loved this not yaoi but god I loved it, it was so cute. (subordinate view point)

LOVE YA :kisses: